Review of OH!YA, INC -Part V (Summary)

Roadshow in Apple

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Intersection Incubator Opening

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Y Combinator Startup School

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1st Internal Testing


2nd Internal Testing

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Final Internal Testing

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Publish to the App Store

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Team Building

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What we did good:

  1. A successful attempt on system design and transaction design
  2. Good product design sense and experience.
  3. How to manage team and run a small startup.

What we need to improve:

  1. Usability Testing came too late. If we could start testing earlier, there would be more time for adjustments in product positioning and development.
  2. Josephine, one of our competitor, is involved to the case with FDA. We would like to pause the company for now to see how the case goes.
  3. Homemade food sharing is quite difficult for the host, particularly when they want to invite customers to home. The time and effort spent in preparing the food and hosting the dinner are far more expensive than what they earned. This is not like other O2O products such as Airbnb and Uber, whose hosts don’t need to invest too much time in it.
  4. We focused too much time in product design, that the Version 3 is beyond MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Instead, we could put more effort on marketing and sales.
  5. At the beginning, the product was positioned as a platform where the host need to invite the customer to dinner at home. Then we changed its positioning to homemade food pickup/delivery.

My sincere thanks go to all my team members including CJ, Hao, Micheal, Celine, Allan. This journey could not be made without your joint efforts. iOS clients side contains 20000 lines of code and backend side has 10000 lines of code.

I also would like to thank my girlfriend for proofreading and editing this Review of OH!YA, INC Series 💕.

Thanks for your reading! Hope it is helpful for your building better products.

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