Review of OH!YA, INC -Part I (Market Positioning)

Since April, 2016, several friends and I have founded the homemade food sharing platform Oh!ya, Inc with the focus on iOS App. We spent five months on the first demo , published in September, 2016 and closed the company at June, 2017. There are many reasons underlying the compony’s closure and I would like to review the whole product and share my experience with you.

This chapter discusses about the marketing target and product positioning of Oh!ya, Inc so as to give you a brief idea about what we were doing.

Product Positioning

Inspired by O2O concept, firstly we tried to make it as “Airbnb on Food”, which means the host (cook) can publish his homemade food on the iOS marketplace and surrounding community, the neighbors can place orders on it. In addition, the host  can invite the customer (foodie) to his home for dinner. Therefore, the product is eventually positioning as a “Homemade food sharing platform”.

Competitor Analysis

The market has already been filled with a number of similar products and services. In the food delivery industry, Doordash, Uber Eats, Yelp Eat24, Grubhub, Postmates are the dominant players. Personally, I expect to see only two to three giants of them left in 5 years, just like Uber and Lift in the car sharing market. In the homemade/neighborhood food sharing market, Josephine, EatWith are the major players and competitors to us.

However, Josephine does not focused on the mobile devices product developement and EatWith is too expensive that most people are just one-time users and do not user it for daily basis.


Figure 1. Marketing research

Marketing Strategy

Based on the previous research, we finalized the marking strategy and business plan.

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Figure 2. Marketing plan

The background check is required as the host might invite the foodie to his home. We studied Uber’s business model and finally decide to use the same vendor Checkr for background check, which proved to be a mistake. Neither the redundant background checking nor the rough idea of this home-inviting pattern did not work well. The main reason is cook spends too much time on food preparation and hosting but earns too little. In addition, the security and privacy are still the major concerns from cooks. Therefore, we have change our positioning from in-home hosting to food pickup/delivery.

Build a Team


Figure 3. Oh!ya team

From left to right:

CJ (CEO), product design and marketing

Hao (Devop, Backend Engineer, Google Engineer), backend/infrastructure

Michael (iOS Developer), iOS development and iOS lead

Allan (Full Stack Engineer, Google Engineer), website/backend

Celine (UI Designer), App/website/post design

Chong (Product Lead, it’s me), iOS/backend and team managment

Technical Stack

Below is the whole stack of the products. If there is any stable 3rd party libraries available for use, we will just use it and never re-create them. For the lean startup, speed is the key.


Framework: Django Framework 1.9.2

Language: Python 2.7

Database: PostgreSQL

SMTP server: Gmail

Ascychonous Scheduler: Celery Scheduler

DevOps: AWS SQS, AWS S3, AWS Elastic BeanStalk, Heroku

API: Oauth2 Rest API

FrontEnd: JavaScript, jQuery, Twitter Bootstrap

Monitor: New Relic


Language: Swift 2.0/3.0

Transaction: Stripe API

Network: Alamofire, AlamofireImage

JSON Converter: AlamofireObjectMapper, SwiftyJSON, ObjectMapper

UI layout: SnapKit

UI Control: CYLTabBarController, WHC_PageViewKit

KeyBoard: IQKeyboardManagerSwift

Version Control: Siren

Security: KeychainAccess

Monitor: Fabric

Team Management

Bug tracking: Jira

Document: Confluence

Version Control: Bitbucket

Communication: Slack


Thank you so much for your reading! In the next chapter, I will share my experience on the product design and UI/UX design of our apps.




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