ASIC Verification Summarization

Since I am moving forward to big data/data mining directions, I would like to summarize my experience on ASIC verification and provide the resources which may be helpful to you guys.

1. ASIC_Verilog_Interview_Questions

Here’s my conclusion for Verilog interview questions if you want to be an ASIC designer.

2. SystemVerilog Interview Questions

My conclusion of SystemVerilog interview questions if you want to be an ASIC verification Engineer.

3. UVM interview questions

The best one for now is just reviewing this website

4. Other resources

4. 1 Websites


ASIC world

Basic-UVM by Mentor Graphics

Advanced-UVM by Mentor Graphics

4.2 Books


1) SystemVerilog for Verification: A Guide to Learning the Test-bench Language Features

It’s a must read to get into ASIC verification world. If you read it twice you can crush any SystemVerilog interview questions. (for the pdf download, press “3“)

2) The UVM Primer: A Step-by-Step Introduction to the Universal Verification Methodology

A decent entry level UVM book with source code provided. You can build and learn a complete simple UVM test-bench.

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